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My Creative Process

I create my own unique images through a mix of painting and photography.

All the painterly effects are created in my studio on paper and canvas. I experiment with different kinds of conventional and unconventional inks, dyes and paints. I apply them by many different methods including dripping, brushwork, scrapping, rolling. I love to experiment with colour. I photograph all my paintings at various stages and keep all the images in an archive to use later.

I also collect photos of anything that catches my eye as I wonder about. Trees, skies and people are my favourite subjects. I love to capture images of people going about their daily business, walking the dog, chatting to friends, lost in thought.

I then use my collection of photographs to create my own landscapes. I put people in the landscapes to create a sense of scale and drama. A man who I photographed on the beach with his dogs at Formby in late summer might end up in a wintery forest. I always leave enough abstract spaces for the viewer to make up their own stories and get lost in their own imaginations.

All done in fabulous footwear.

More about me here on the Folksy blog.

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